001. Frustrations

Learning a language is no easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort to be able to understand the simplest sentences and thousands of words. After all, the basics of language learning require the learner to study everything from scratch: how a chair or a pen is called, etc. From the most basic of things down to the most complicated, one has to master these (and more!) to become fluent.

Right now, I’m still hopelessly a beginner in Korean. Slowly improving, yes, but not to the extent that I can proudly show off my writing skills. My biggest hurdle in learning Korean is certainly writing. I have no problems understanding the sentences and paragraphs I read, but composing even one paragraph is…just so hard. There. I’ve said it. It’s extremely difficult to do without someone actually reading and correcting what I’ve written down. What makes sense to my beginner eyes may be ultimately incorrect to those who are at least in the intermediate level.

However, it’s not easy for me to make someone read what I’ve written. (I cry at the thought of native speakers laughing at my compositions.) I’m scared of looking foolish with my Korean gibberish when I can perfectly express myself in two other languages. D:

BAH. Oh, well. Sucks to be a noob, but you gotta start somewhere.


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