002. So, what’s up?

The sky, duh.

I just finished the first book of the Integrated Korean series, WOOT! *throws confetti and blows horn with added fireworks* I still have lots of learning to do, obviously, as this is only the start. I’m glad that I’m making progress with Korean though, however small it may be.

…Progress how? Well, for starters, my sister commented on how my reading has somewhat developed over the week (has it only really been a week? two weeks tops, maybe?)—I can read Hangul faster now, and I can understand things quicker. Although I can’t say much for my writing—because I know I absolutely need more practice—I’m glad to see that, yes, with time, practice, and TONS of determination and absolute willpower to understand the language, I am better than I was a week or two before I started this (serious) Korean learning. Mind you, I’ve learned a lot more this past week than I’ve probably had in the past year that I was just idling by and passively absorbing information from TV shows and random photos with Korean text in it.

So hurrah to me, and hopefully this absolute want to learn Korean will continue on. I’m deeply sorry I can’t stick with Japanese, though I still want to learn the language, of course. Japanese is the first language I’ve fallen in love with (as influenced by anime, anime, and more anime) and I will continuously want to become better at it. For now, however, it doesn’t command my attention as much as Korean. I don’t know what brought about the change (추노, maybe?), but I’m grateful for the change. :D

Now I shall go back to hitting the books. :)


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