한복 (Hanbok), is the traditional Korean dress. Even before watching the first episode of Cultural Trilogy, I really liked the hanbok—there’s just a subtle yet deep beauty that comes with the flow of the skirt and the design on the cloth. People wearing it seem to give off an aura of quiet grace that’s just so beautiful to see.

I’ve been meaning to draw the hanbok for a few days (or weeks) now, and I have finally given in. :D Behold, the drawing that will make you go wow.

I know, I know—not exactly the prettiest picture, but hey, I actually made some effort on this one. :D The colors didn’t come out as planned (blame the scanner!), but with a few tweaks using the good ol’ ‘shop and here we have a nice little picture of the hanbok. :D

And no, I didn’t actually draw this for the Lunar New Year (설날); I just happened to draw it today. :D I have such great timing, right? XD

Anyway, I’m off to do more studying and Olympic (re)watching—am super excited to see Kim Yu-Na skate on the 23rd(?). I really hope she wins.

새해 복 많이 받으세요 여러분!


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