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Went to Sanseido today with and she got me the Genki II as a sorta belated birthday gift (for last year, LOL). So now I have both Genki books, the Elementary Japanese books, Japanese for Everyone, plus two Kodansha dictionaries, not to mention tons of podcasts I got back when I had a premium subscription at JapanesePod101. In other words: I’ve got the goods to study. Whether I can make full use of the material I have to really study Japanese or not…well, that’s the question.

D: See? I have yet to even try making a Japanese post. Where was that little journal suggestion I had? Nowhere. D: BAH.

And and I saw a few Doraemon dictionaries and bilingual mangas–thank God I had my sister there and had not one cent on me, or else I might have tried to buy every single Doraemon thing I saw there. T-T


I watched episode 6 of 내 여자친구는 구미호 without subs because I was really itching to watch it. I managed to understand some dialogue–BUT I can’t really know if what I understood is absolutely spot on or not until I actually read the subs tonight. EEP.

For some reason, I feel like my brain comprehends more Korean than Japanese, even though I’ve been exposed to 日本語 far longer than 한국어. Maybe it’s because I seriously studied Korean and had a freaking schedule to study Korean in between studying for my real tests–yeah, I was that serious.  is thinking of buying a few more Korean textbooks (YAY)–this time the SNU textbooks, so I guess I’ll be able to mooch some knowledge off of the books. WHEEE.

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With a tablet?

I’m thinking of installing Mocha (my Wacom Intuos) back into Wizard’s system so I can make use of it, at the very least, for my Japanese learning. How? Well, learning how to write kanji consumes too much paper. Also, failed attempts to write kanji (read: UGLY) look horrendous whenever I look at my little green journal, so rather than use up too much paper for kanji, I’ll just make use of Mocha and Wizard together. :D

Great idea? I think so.


Oh, the (not-so) hardworking student

I’m using a small journal for my Japanese/Korean learning, but I feel that I need to change notebooks, as this one has too little space that I can work with. =/

Some issues with my writing:

  • It’s too small.
  • My る is ugly.
  • My ら is acceptable, but still ugly. D:
  • I should practice kanji, yes?

Also, I’m thinking of doing a little daily journal here using Japanese and/or Korean. It doesn’t have to be long–it might even consist of just one sentence each day, but at the very least I get my practice. :D



So this will be my little language site of sorts. Hopefully I will not abandon this one, unlike my WordPress account for Japanese and my Tumblr for Korean. /fail

…just like the title of this LJ says: Let’s study!