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Just a while ago I was listening to some random tunes in my iPod in shuffle when I heard this not-so-familiar Nell song (they’ve got so many songs that aren’t quite familiar…yet. Teehee). Titled 연어가 되지 못한 채 (haha, I gave up on translating the title), the lyrics seemed a little too easy to understand for my noob ears. SOOO I tried translating it, after getting the lyrics from Naver. What did I realize?

Meh, translating…isn’t all that easy.

I’m not gonna post my entire translation here because obviously I suck, but I’m going to post a snippet.

나 너를 떠날께
I will leave you
나를 위해서 너를 버릴께
For my sake, I will abandon you
너 좀 힘들겠지만
Even if you’ll have a hard time
좀 아프겠지만
Even if you’ll be a little hurt
한번만 참아줘
Please suppress it just once
이렇게 난..
Like this, I’m…
이렇게 난..
Like this, I’m…
나 이제 변할께
Now I will change

So… yeah. I can understand it when I listen to it, but when I actually put it into words, I feel like I haven’t understood it all that much. D:

As for the little quote in my journal, from Marguerite Duras’ C’est Tout… the words are definitely simple, but I really liked it in Korean. Like it’s too straightforward that it’s become a lot more meaningful than if you dress it up with colorful adjectives. Just plain: I wanted to tell you I love you. I don’t exactly know if the original words were just as plain as that, but I liked the Korean translation a lot.

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I’ve been away from studying Korean for quite some time, so most of the vocabulary that I actually got from reading Integrated Korean has now been drained from my brain, unfortunately. I keep second-guessing myself on simple words like 기숙사 and confusing 왼쪽 and 오른쪽. =.=;; Bah, I guess the confusion between left and right will never go away–much like my confusion with the Tagalog words for those two. D: Ah, well.

Anyway, I’ve just finished reviewing the latter part of Integrated Korean 1, so now I guess it’s time to go to book 2. <insert a grand display of fireworks and crowd cheering here> The thing about studying the same book over and over again is that you get so used to the material that sometimes you feel sick just by looking at it. Or maybe that’s just me.

…and extremely random, but last month I found this adorable Tumblr page full of drawings. What’s that got to do with either Japanese or Korean? Well, the dude who makes the drawings knows Korean, so I get these cute drawings + random Korean. XD