Just a while ago I was listening to some random tunes in my iPod in shuffle when I heard this not-so-familiar Nell song (they’ve got so many songs that aren’t quite familiar…yet. Teehee). Titled 연어가 되지 못한 채 (haha, I gave up on translating the title), the lyrics seemed a little too easy to understand for my noob ears. SOOO I tried translating it, after getting the lyrics from Naver. What did I realize?

Meh, translating…isn’t all that easy.

I’m not gonna post my entire translation here because obviously I suck, but I’m going to post a snippet.

나 너를 떠날께
I will leave you
나를 위해서 너를 버릴께
For my sake, I will abandon you
너 좀 힘들겠지만
Even if you’ll have a hard time
좀 아프겠지만
Even if you’ll be a little hurt
한번만 참아줘
Please suppress it just once
이렇게 난..
Like this, I’m…
이렇게 난..
Like this, I’m…
나 이제 변할께
Now I will change

So… yeah. I can understand it when I listen to it, but when I actually put it into words, I feel like I haven’t understood it all that much. D:

As for the little quote in my journal, from Marguerite Duras’ C’est Tout… the words are definitely simple, but I really liked it in Korean. Like it’s too straightforward that it’s become a lot more meaningful than if you dress it up with colorful adjectives. Just plain: I wanted to tell you I love you. I don’t exactly know if the original words were just as plain as that, but I liked the Korean translation a lot.

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