On my language learning habits

I suck at self-studying. Yup. There’s no sense beating around the bush here–I know I’m not the best at it. I study at random bursts (of energy? of effort? of determination?). During one of these random bursts, I study diligently and learn quite a lot. I get excited about the amount I have learned, so I continue to study a bit more. A week or so later, my determination to continue studying has begun to wane and I remember wanting to do something else, like (re)read a book or download the newest episode of a drama, or…just laze around. So I don’t think studying until months after, when I get another random burst of determination to study.

And the cycle never ends, up to this day. I have given up on studying Korean and Japanese (and, once upon a time, Spanish) more than I can count, on and on again. I’m a little disappointed that after all this time I haven’t really gained enough proficiency to be proud of, but I guess the blame rests entirely on me. If I studied every day for even just ten minutes, I could have been a little more proficient at Korean or Japanese.

Alas, I remain like this. D:


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