This is bad.

Today I grabbed my Elementary Japanese book–a first in a very long while, and a first for this year too. I went to the chapter where I stopped before, tried reading the introductory comics for that chapter, and was stumped by such a simple word. 今晩 (konban; this evening). UGH. I had to look at the other page with the furigana to figure out what the second kanji was.

I feel so inadequate right now.

So I promise to try and read my Japanese and Korean textbooks everyday. Not as in read one long chapter everyday (that would be suicide since I still have school to think about), but keep up with it slowly but consistently, so that I won’t forget my vocabularies and some other stuff. It’s a little embarrassing, to be honest, that I have to start a few paces back, but I think this should push me toward being more aggressive in my language learning. I have to put more effort in it, otherwise I really wouldn’t learn anything. I have everything I need to start learning: good books, podcasts, anime and dramas and movies and music to keep me sane and motivated–all I need is consistency. And determination. Without those, I will never be able to get anywhere.


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