Monthly Archives: May 2011


Busy, busy? Yes, but not too busy that my being unable to study languages feels justified. Anyway,  has completed the Integrated Korean series (YEAH!) so we’ll have no excuses on why we can’t actually study. There’s just so much study material available to us that it just shows how much I’ve been neglecting this for the past months.

BUT there’s a bright side to everything. :D Spring semester’s drawing to a close (only two more weeks!), which means I’ll be free this vacation for studying. YAY!

Also, I picked up the Yonsei 한국어 읽기 a few days earlier and have managed to read a story with little effort. :D YAY ME! There were times when I had to go to Naver Dictionary and search for a word, but aside from that I got the grammar down pat. :D I’m happy because even just a small progress is still progress, and this shows that I can comprehend some Korean, at the very least. :D