My handwriting

…in Korean. Just so I can see for myself how it’ll change after a year (or two) of studying more Korean. XD I used to write Korean in a somewhat block-like style that seems too kindergarten-ish. Then I found a couple of gorgeous fonts that I wanted to imitate a year or two ago. And here’s the result (a little haphazard, I must admit).

Granted, my handwriting in Korean isn’t as…pretty (haha) as my handwriting in Roman alphabet, but this will do. For now. Once my hand’s a little more used to writing Korean, I might just try a little calligraphy. XD


3 thoughts on “My handwriting

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  2. Elfira says:

    안녕하세요~ hi there! ^^

    I use Integrated Korean series too but I never thought of rewriting the passage. ㅋㅋ I’ll be sure to try it later! :D

    • kaaaaaaat says:

      Hi, Elfira! ^^

      I rewrite passages to practice my (awful) handwriting, but I don’t do it very often (too much work!). I’d really like to have a nice and natural-looking penmanship in Korean (like the fonts they have for movie posters and such)!

      And thanks for linking my blog in your site. ^^ I’ll do the same for yours.

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