2011 Dramas

(Copied from parent journal, [info]ice_cobalt)

Secret Garden (시크릿 가든)
SBS November 2010 – January 2011; Sat-Sun
Comments: This drama was also included in my 2010 list, but I put this in this list too since it ended sometime in January. My comment in the 2010 post was this: Excellent drama so far. It didn’t disappoint, although the last few episodes did not hold the same charisma as the first few episodes did. Still, highly recommended.

My Princess (마이 프린세스)
MBC January 2011 – February 2011; Wed-Thurs
Comments: The first episodes were nothing short of adorable. I never liked Kim Tae Hee as an actress (although she IS gorgeous), since I’ve always felt she doesn’t have great acting chops; the same goes for Song Seung Heon, who is trumped by second lead Won Bin (my other favorite 아저씨 aside from Yoon Kye Sang) in my guilty pleasure drama Autumn Tale. But together, Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon are just CUTE. And that cuteness made the drama work. :D

Paradise Ranch (파라다이스 목장)
SBS January 2011 – March 2011; Mon-Tues
Comments: I never expected that I’d watch this AND actually enjoy it, but I did, to the point that I popped Excedrin just to be able to watch this. XD

The Duo (짝패)
MBC February 2011 – May 2011; Mon-Tues
Partially Watched
Comments: I wasn’t actually intrigued by this drama, since the premise is one that’s been used SO many times before: two babies get switched; one gets the good life, the other doesn’t. BUT I watched this for baby-faced Chun Jung Myung (I just realized how many dramas I watch for my favorite actors OMO). What’s surprising about this is that I liked the part of the story when Chun Doong and Gwi Dong were still kids up until their young teens–then when the actors get switched to the adult ones (Chun Jung Myung and Lee Sang Yoon), I actually HATED it. It just wasn’t the same. Chun Doong wasn’t Chun Doong anymore, and neither was Gwi Dong Gwi Dong. Even Dong Nyeo, whom I didn’t like as the young Dong Nyeo, was so different in her adult form. I was disappointed with how the adult actors carried their characters, so I stopped watching.

Lie to Me (내게 거짓말을 해봐)
SBS May 2011 – June 2011; Mon-Tues
Comments: Cute and fun, although since I’m watching Best Love at the same time this is being released, it gets trumped by Best Love 2948394820 times. There’s just something lacking in Lie to Me–probably the storyline itself, since all they seem to do right now is add more lies to the first lie without much progress between the relationships of the leads. Still watching it for the fun, and because Yoon Eun Hye is just so damn gorgeous in this one (her hair fits her so much). EDIT AFTER WATCHING THE SERIES: MEH. It wasn’t that good, which is a shame, because the leads have a cute chemistry together.

Best Love/Greatest Love (최고의 사랑)
MBC May 2011 – June 2011; Wed-Thurs
Currently Watching On Hiatus
Comments: Ridiculously awesome so far. The actors act so well, plus I get my dose of adorable, geeky Yoon Pil Joo (played by my number 1 아저씨 Yoon Kye Sang). EDIT: This drama is listed as ‘on hiatus’ because I’ve stopped watching. And no, it’s not because the show lost its awesomeness; Dokko Jin is still a hilarious leading man, etc. It’s just that…*sigh* the Yoon Kye Sang fan girl in me doesn’t want to see the second guy lose over and over again. D: I’ll probably watch the remaining episodes soon enough, just because it would be a shame to pass up such a good drama for something as ridiculous as a fan’s heart breaking over an actor’s role. XD HAHAHA.

City Hunter (시티헌터)
SBS May 2011 – July 2011; Wed-Thurs
Currently Watching
Comments: I started this drama late in the game (just this morning, actually, hehehe). Why–I’m not entirely sure, but I guess one of the reasons is that I was also going to watch Lie to Me and Best Love when City Hunter started, and well…City Hunter has its appeal prior to its premiere, but it sounded like one of those dramas that are so hyped but lack much substance when watched. But then I got curious this morning and tried watching it on my phone. Hah, I was much mistaken about the ‘lacking substance’ thing. I’m only on the first few episodes but City Hunter is proving to be quite some drama. Great effects, excellent cinematography, just…so far, I really like it. I love the recent K-dramas that look and feel like a movie instead of a drama, and City Hunter is just like that. :D

Heartstrings/You’ve Fallen for Me (넌 내게 반했어)
MBC Jun 2011 – August 2011; Wed-Thurs
Currently Watching
Comments: Cute. So far. It’s very light, and the music is really pleasant (episode 2’s 그리워서 needs to be mentioned, and the traditional music they used for the Modern versus Tradtional music was just…guh). And I love the director! Err, not the director-director, but Song Chang Ui’s character, Kim Seok Hyun. He’s adorable with the female lead, Gyu Won (played by You’re Beautiful‘s Park Shin Hye). And it’s great to see Park Shin Hye and CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa on another drama together, this time with Yong Hwa playing the lead guy. :D HEE.

Myung-wol the Spy (스파이 명월)
KBS July 2011 – August 2011; Mon-Tues
Currently Watching
Comments: Funny and a really good drama so far (heh, I always use the words so far). I don’t really like Han Ye Seul–she’s one of those pretty faces that can’t act much–but I actually like her here. XD Maybe she just needs to pick roles really well. And Eric–ERIC!!! *squeals* Although I’m still disappointed about Poseidon (Eric and Kim Kang Woo together? Argh, I’m still disappointed), his role as Kang Woo in this rom-com is just so…fitting for him. XD

Scent of a Woman (여인의 향기)
SBS July 2011 – September 2011; Sat-Sun
Currently Watching
Comments: The first two episodes WILL make you cry–that is, unless your heart is made of stone, and then you will probably NOT cry. Still, the first two episodes kind of…cleanses the viewers, in a way. I felt lighter at the end of the episode when Kim Sun Ah’s character started redeeming herself and begin living and not just surviving. Beautiful drama so far, and the cinematography and the locations–GUH. Okinawa wasn’t in my top places to go to in Japan (Kyoto comes first, then Tokyo, then Hokkaido, perhaps?), but now I really wanna go there. :D

Protect the Boss (보스를 지켜라)
SBS August 2011 – TBA; Wed-Thurs
Currently Watching
Comments: THIS. IS. SO. HILARIOUS. FREAKING HILARIOUS. Since Myungwol the Spy is starting to bore me is starting to lose its wackiness, I decided to try this out. I’m a HUGE fan of DBSK/JYJ, but even so I don’t watch their dramas for the sake of watching them–or to be honest, I don’t have high expectations of dramas they star in. But by golly, this is fantastic. Jaejoong isn’t the lead guy here, but he is making an awesome job as the antagonist-slash-the-other-guy. I like that his first Korean drama role is serious yet wacky (and cute and gorgeous and evil!), which makes him fun to watch even if he’s not the strongest of actors. I don’t like Ji Sung (whose only drama I know of is Save the Last Dance for Me…oh, and Kim Sooro, because I saw him on the poster), but he plays such a crazy and cute character that it’s hard not find him endearing. As for Choi Kang Hee, I’ve only seen her in the movie My Love (내 사랑) and she was awesome there, so I like her here too. She’s not the usual pushover lead that we get to see–she kicks ass literally. I don’t like Wang Ji Hye due to her horrid role as In Hye in Personal Taste, but I find her antics in this drama to be super funny I’m already thinking of forgiving her for picking In Hye as a character to play. XD So yes, I love this drama. If it keeps on doing what it’s doing, that is.

Dramas I’ll Probably Watch

Dream High (드림하이) I read the recaps and watched a few clips, but I doubt I’d watch this
Midas (마이더스)
New Tales of Gisaeng (신기생뎐)
Can You Hear My Heart? (내 마음이 들리니)
City Hunter (시티헌터) WATCHING!
Miss Ripley (미스 리플리) Err…I’m reading the recaps? Tried watching (mostly for Chun), but it was a little heavy for me.
You’ve Fallen for Me/Festival (넌 내게 반했어) WATCHING!
I Need Romance (로맨스가 필요해)
Protect the Boss (보스를 지켜라) WATCHING!
Can’t Lose (지고는 못살아)
Man of Honor (영광의 재인) will watch for Chun Jung Myung

Old Dramas I Watched in 2011

My Sister-in-Law is 19 (형수님은 열아홉)
SBS 2004
Comments: I watched this because of Yoon Kye Sang, not realizing that I just might like it. XD I liked the relationships between the two brothers and Yoo Min, and the fact that Yoon Kye Sang’s Seung Jae acts like the second guy (his feelings are thought to be unreciprocated) but he’s actually the lead guy! XD The ending was a bit of a let-down, though, and I hated that the two ahjummas didn’t get retribution for what they’ve done. D:< Sure, I like the two boys, but you can’t do something that huge (abandoning a child for the sake of money) and NOT get the tables turned on you. They lived a pleasant life whereas Yoo Min/Hae Won didn’t, and it’s a little frustrating. Alas, it’s a drama.

Crazy for You (사랑에 미치다)
SBS 2007
Comments: Another drama I watched for Yoon Kye Sang. XD This one I have mixed thoughts about. The ending, for one, seemed rushed. So he just remembers her, that’s it? What about Jin Young’s surrogate parents accepting their relationship? They said he was already forgiven, so why doesn’t it actually feel like he IS forgiven? D: Also, the lead girl Jin Young is just–irritating. Although the second girl Min Hee was detestable, I actually liked her better than the lead girl, which is saying something, since Min Hee dropped Chae Joon like a hot potato when she realized she wanted a good life, which is something he can’t give her, even though she obviously cares for and loves Chae Joon. And poor, poor Hyun Chul, whose only fault is to fall in love with a woman who can only look at him as a friend.


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