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Part I. さよなら、iKnow
So today I learned that iKnow (or, but I call it iKnow) is soon to become a paid service. My reaction was mixed. I knew even beforehand that a great learning platform like iKnow will not be free forever, but since most of the content in the website are user-made, I thought they would only add premium services but still have the option to keep the basics free.

Tsk. I’m a little disappointed. Although I haven’t been using the site much since 2009 (I think I joined in 2008?), I definitely learned loads from the core series…not to mention the hiragana and katakana series. Before I used iKnow, I had a lot of difficulty in remembering the difference between ね,れ, and わ and a few other hiragana characters (and let’s not even get started with the katakana ones, because they’re a lot more difficult to remember–at least for me, that is). After using the program, I managed to remember everything and hey, even up to now, I still know my hiragana and katakana, even though I haven’t been studying Japanese for a LONG while.

So yeah, bye bye to a great free service. There are tons of free alternatives, of course, such as Anki, but iKnow was still the best. Great content and excellent application. I hope they change their minds and give an option for a free account (a lot of people don’t mind ads, really, so long as they don’t pay $12/month), but I bet it’ll take a while before that happens.

Part II. School starts. Not happy.
Also, I won’t be able to study Korean and Japanese a lot (yeah right, like I’m studying before I posted this /sarcasm) since school has started. D: Boo. I still think I should apply for Japanese classes next semester, just to force me into studying. The bad thing with me is that I like learning, but I hate studying, so I need a grade system of sorts to force me into opening my books. D:

Part III. 君に届け season 2 YEAH!
EEEK. I’m all bubbly and happy because of this. I’m following the manga and it’s already way, way past the anime, but watching the anime version still gets me on a giggling spree. XD And the opening and ending songs are awesome.

:D Obviously, 君に届け remains to be one of my favorite animes/mangas. XD

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