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귀여운 글씨네! 아 부럽다~

Never mind the fact that it’s probably a font–I still want to write 한글 as cute as the handwriting in this manhwa, 우연일까? (which I’ll translate as Is This a Coincidence?)

Hah, it seems I’m reading quite a lot of 만화 these days…

EDIT: I was reading the comments for this 만화, and I found the right summary for the story:
과장님이 혜지좋아하고 혜지는 후영이좋아하고 후영인 홍주좋아하고 홍주는 방준호작가좋아하고

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아직도 공부해…

Nope, I haven’t forgotten to study, although to be quite honest I was hoping to study more than what I’m doing right now. Still, at least I’m still reading the books, right?

I think what’s keeping me from actually being really, totally enthusiastic about studying languages is the fact that I’m stuck in the after-beginner phase. Y’know, that ditch where I know some stuff and now it seems I can’t progress out of knowing just some stuff. I read Beginning 2 of Integrated Korean, but I’m not actually learning anything new (or perhaps very little, if any) because my head is already used to reading the grammar introduced in that book. However, if I try to actually jump into the Intermediate, I’m scared of not understanding anything…


So while I’m on that ditch, I’m back to reading some 만화. I’m around halfway through 러브 라이터 (Love Writer), which really isn’t aesthetically pleasing (it looks like it’s drawn on Paint, or something), but the story’s decent, and quite understandable for someone like me. I still have to rely on Naver Dictionary once in a while, but I can actually understand what’s going on and laugh along the funny scenes.

A scene from the first chapter of Love Writer, where the lead girl, Yul, gets asked to write a love letter for the first time
And then today I stumbled upon a really cute (and very well drawn) manhwa–오렌지 마말레이드 (Orange Marmalade). I still have no idea why the title is like so, since I haven’t encountered anything regarding marmalade in the story (and I’m already on Chapter 15). The story revolves around vampires living among humans–not a very original premise, but it’s very cute. :D

Oh, this is a funny scene. ㅎㅎㅎ
Orange Marmalade is really cute–not to mention the coolness of having a colored manhwa released…weekly, I think? I wonder how the artist gets to draw these things and release ’em on time–maybe he/she (is a 석우 supposed to be a he or a she? It’s hard to tell a Korean name’s gender, really; I’ve seen 수영s who are female and male; the same goes for 해진 and a lot of other names…)  already finished the chapters way before they’re released…? IDK.

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