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I think my randomness is going to make this blog filled with, well, really random entries. Such as this one. I love the trailer, and I’m really excited to watch the movie (will it be shown in the US? I’m thinking yes since there’s an English trailer going around). ^^

I am still amazed at how much Yoo Ah In’s face can change depending on his facial hair (or lack thereof). With facial hair, he looks so manly and gruff. Without, he looks like a boy. Either way, he’s gorgeous.

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Finished with Integrated Korean’s Beginning 2. *rowdy cheers* It took SOOOO long, mostly because I was stuck in a rut, that endless pit of “I’m not learning anything new!” Thank goodness that’s finally over. Now all that’s left is a renewed sense of fulfillment and excitement of what’s to come. I know if I keep on studying diligently I’ll be able to quickly gain new grammar patterns and perhaps have the confidence to actually try to find a Korean penpal/e-pal/whatever-they-call-those-these-days.

Up next in my to-read list are the following:

Integrated Korean Intermediate 1. Ooh. Just the thought of trying to read a book that says ‘intermediate’ excites me. I think my reading comprehension can match up with whatever the textbook throws at me, but I’m not quite sure about my writing skills just yet. Hmm…

연세 한국어 1. Oh yes, right from the very beginning. I quite like Yonsei’s colorful illustrations–they don’t give out much of that textbook-y feeling that other language textbooks have. It kind of reminds me (slightly) of my Spanish Vistas book, which was super engaging and fun to read–truly unfortunate that I wasn’t quite into Spanish (at least…not yet. I might be in the near future *winkwink*). The flaw of the Yonsei Korean 1 textbook is that it assumes the reader is in a Korean class, which means there’s a teacher who guides the reader through the lessons. There’s very little English involved, unlike the elaborate explanations in the Integrated Korean series. In the first lesson of Yonsei Korean 1, words like 부르기, 성과 이름, 찾으십시오, and the like are to be seen, and if you’re a total beginner with little to no help from a native Korean, it’ll be quite confusing, not to mention frustrating. And we don’t want to be frustrated right at the very beginning, yes? XD

연세 한국어 읽기 1급 – 2급. I’ve been reading this on and off for a while and I think it’s a good place to start trying to read articles/stories. I personally liked two stories from 2급, which are 동물들의 나이 자랑 and 효성이 지극한 호랑이. Very nice folk tales. :D

And I’ll continue to read a few webtoons, because I learn stuff from there that I won’t learn from textbooks, not to mention that it’s a great motivator (because if I keep studying, there may come a day that I’ll understand most of what’s written without having to look up so many words). Ooh, and I love the Naver app for smartphones. Very useful–영어사전 on the go, yeah! :D

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My handwriting

…in Korean. Just so I can see for myself how it’ll change after a year (or two) of studying more Korean. XD I used to write Korean in a somewhat block-like style that seems too kindergarten-ish. Then I found a couple of gorgeous fonts that I wanted to imitate a year or two ago. And here’s the result (a little haphazard, I must admit).

Granted, my handwriting in Korean isn’t as…pretty (haha) as my handwriting in Roman alphabet, but this will do. For now. Once my hand’s a little more used to writing Korean, I might just try a little calligraphy. XD


귀여운 글씨네! 아 부럽다~

Never mind the fact that it’s probably a font–I still want to write 한글 as cute as the handwriting in this manhwa, 우연일까? (which I’ll translate as Is This a Coincidence?)

Hah, it seems I’m reading quite a lot of 만화 these days…

EDIT: I was reading the comments for this 만화, and I found the right summary for the story:
과장님이 혜지좋아하고 혜지는 후영이좋아하고 후영인 홍주좋아하고 홍주는 방준호작가좋아하고

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아직도 공부해…

Nope, I haven’t forgotten to study, although to be quite honest I was hoping to study more than what I’m doing right now. Still, at least I’m still reading the books, right?

I think what’s keeping me from actually being really, totally enthusiastic about studying languages is the fact that I’m stuck in the after-beginner phase. Y’know, that ditch where I know some stuff and now it seems I can’t progress out of knowing just some stuff. I read Beginning 2 of Integrated Korean, but I’m not actually learning anything new (or perhaps very little, if any) because my head is already used to reading the grammar introduced in that book. However, if I try to actually jump into the Intermediate, I’m scared of not understanding anything…


So while I’m on that ditch, I’m back to reading some 만화. I’m around halfway through 러브 라이터 (Love Writer), which really isn’t aesthetically pleasing (it looks like it’s drawn on Paint, or something), but the story’s decent, and quite understandable for someone like me. I still have to rely on Naver Dictionary once in a while, but I can actually understand what’s going on and laugh along the funny scenes.

A scene from the first chapter of Love Writer, where the lead girl, Yul, gets asked to write a love letter for the first time
And then today I stumbled upon a really cute (and very well drawn) manhwa–오렌지 마말레이드 (Orange Marmalade). I still have no idea why the title is like so, since I haven’t encountered anything regarding marmalade in the story (and I’m already on Chapter 15). The story revolves around vampires living among humans–not a very original premise, but it’s very cute. :D

Oh, this is a funny scene. ㅎㅎㅎ
Orange Marmalade is really cute–not to mention the coolness of having a colored manhwa released…weekly, I think? I wonder how the artist gets to draw these things and release ’em on time–maybe he/she (is a 석우 supposed to be a he or a she? It’s hard to tell a Korean name’s gender, really; I’ve seen 수영s who are female and male; the same goes for 해진 and a lot of other names…)  already finished the chapters way before they’re released…? IDK.

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Busy, busy? Yes, but not too busy that my being unable to study languages feels justified. Anyway,  has completed the Integrated Korean series (YEAH!) so we’ll have no excuses on why we can’t actually study. There’s just so much study material available to us that it just shows how much I’ve been neglecting this for the past months.

BUT there’s a bright side to everything. :D Spring semester’s drawing to a close (only two more weeks!), which means I’ll be free this vacation for studying. YAY!

Also, I picked up the Yonsei 한국어 읽기 a few days earlier and have managed to read a story with little effort. :D YAY ME! There were times when I had to go to Naver Dictionary and search for a word, but aside from that I got the grammar down pat. :D I’m happy because even just a small progress is still progress, and this shows that I can comprehend some Korean, at the very least. :D


私は大学생です. O.O

So today while I was studying for a quiz, I tried introducing myself in Japanese out loud (totally unrelated to the quiz, since that one was on Child Development, but yeah). Nothing too hard; just the simple, hello, my name is –, I’m — years old, I’m a university student, etc. It’s not really hard, right? But then when I got to the part where I say I’m a university student, I said out loud, 私は大学です (Watashi wa daigaku-saeng desu.) O.O Right after saying that out loud, I caught the mistake. But I’ve already done it, and if I were in a situation where I had to introduce myself in Japanese, I would’ve screwed up. It wasn’t a big screw-up, but still…fail. D:


This is bad.

Today I grabbed my Elementary Japanese book–a first in a very long while, and a first for this year too. I went to the chapter where I stopped before, tried reading the introductory comics for that chapter, and was stumped by such a simple word. 今晩 (konban; this evening). UGH. I had to look at the other page with the furigana to figure out what the second kanji was.

I feel so inadequate right now.

So I promise to try and read my Japanese and Korean textbooks everyday. Not as in read one long chapter everyday (that would be suicide since I still have school to think about), but keep up with it slowly but consistently, so that I won’t forget my vocabularies and some other stuff. It’s a little embarrassing, to be honest, that I have to start a few paces back, but I think this should push me toward being more aggressive in my language learning. I have to put more effort in it, otherwise I really wouldn’t learn anything. I have everything I need to start learning: good books, podcasts, anime and dramas and movies and music to keep me sane and motivated–all I need is consistency. And determination. Without those, I will never be able to get anywhere.



Part I. さよなら、iKnow
So today I learned that iKnow (or smart.fm, but I call it iKnow) is soon to become a paid service. My reaction was mixed. I knew even beforehand that a great learning platform like iKnow will not be free forever, but since most of the content in the website are user-made, I thought they would only add premium services but still have the option to keep the basics free.

Tsk. I’m a little disappointed. Although I haven’t been using the site much since 2009 (I think I joined in 2008?), I definitely learned loads from the core series…not to mention the hiragana and katakana series. Before I used iKnow, I had a lot of difficulty in remembering the difference between ね,れ, and わ and a few other hiragana characters (and let’s not even get started with the katakana ones, because they’re a lot more difficult to remember–at least for me, that is). After using the program, I managed to remember everything and hey, even up to now, I still know my hiragana and katakana, even though I haven’t been studying Japanese for a LONG while.

So yeah, bye bye to a great free service. There are tons of free alternatives, of course, such as Anki, but iKnow was still the best. Great content and excellent application. I hope they change their minds and give an option for a free account (a lot of people don’t mind ads, really, so long as they don’t pay $12/month), but I bet it’ll take a while before that happens.

Part II. School starts. Not happy.
Also, I won’t be able to study Korean and Japanese a lot (yeah right, like I’m studying before I posted this /sarcasm) since school has started. D: Boo. I still think I should apply for Japanese classes next semester, just to force me into studying. The bad thing with me is that I like learning, but I hate studying, so I need a grade system of sorts to force me into opening my books. D:

Part III. 君に届け season 2 YEAH!
EEEK. I’m all bubbly and happy because of this. I’m following the manga and it’s already way, way past the anime, but watching the anime version still gets me on a giggling spree. XD And the opening and ending songs are awesome.

:D Obviously, 君に届け remains to be one of my favorite animes/mangas. XD

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On my language learning habits

I suck at self-studying. Yup. There’s no sense beating around the bush here–I know I’m not the best at it. I study at random bursts (of energy? of effort? of determination?). During one of these random bursts, I study diligently and learn quite a lot. I get excited about the amount I have learned, so I continue to study a bit more. A week or so later, my determination to continue studying has begun to wane and I remember wanting to do something else, like (re)read a book or download the newest episode of a drama, or…just laze around. So I don’t think studying until months after, when I get another random burst of determination to study.

And the cycle never ends, up to this day. I have given up on studying Korean and Japanese (and, once upon a time, Spanish) more than I can count, on and on again. I’m a little disappointed that after all this time I haven’t really gained enough proficiency to be proud of, but I guess the blame rests entirely on me. If I studied every day for even just ten minutes, I could have been a little more proficient at Korean or Japanese.

Alas, I remain like this. D: